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Maintenance and support

Technocrat Microsolution Pvt. Ltd. helps to meet the challenge of ongoing application maintenance and support with a range of services that substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels. We provide ongoing functional and application support for your application maintenance needs. Technocrat Microsolution Pvt. Ltd.ís expert leveraged management stabilizes, optimizes, and extends your application so that its functionality continues to meet your growing and changing needs. Technocrat Microsolution Pvt. Ltd. maintains the integrity of the software for easier vendor upgrades and you control spending through predictable application maintenance costs. Our maintenance and support services encompass such activities like error tracking and debugging, technical troubleshooting, version upgrades and enhancements, comprehensive user support, performance monitoring and testing, quality assurance, and documentation development and maintenance.

Our Products

Micro Finance Management System

Small Deposite Investment System


Human Resource Management System

Accounts Management System

Organization Management System

Employee Management System